Here is some good music

Just the right blend of 80s nostalgia, coming-of-age lyrics, passion, and drum machines. And five-syllable song titles.

I’m super-excited to be seeing them next month in PDX, and their new album cannot get here soon enough.

Why Would Anyone Want to Publish Their Opinions on the Internet?

And Why Pay Money for a Domain When You Could Put Them on Medium or Twitter or Facebook or Instagram or for Free????

  • Certainly no good can come of it.
  • Having one’s own site means one can say “as I recently wrote on my blog…” and then talk about my blog which everyone appreciates EVEN MORE than they appreciate being told about your podcast
  • It is only twelve (12) dollars
  • One joins the élite company of many famous and handsome bloggers
  • Setting it up was actually p easy (it is a Jekyll blog hosted on GitHub pages using the Hyde theme s/o to the dude making the Hyde theme the docs are only slightly confusing and only a lil out of date and it’s a good theme Brent)
  • Time and space to expand on subjects one cares about
  • If I post something sufficiently stupid, no one will ever hire me again
  • IDK. I don’t really read anyone else’s blogs. But maybe everyone will find mine and fall in love (with the blog, not me).
  • Wanting to give back to the internet a bit. Contributing instead of just consuming.
  • Jekyll respects nice characters like é and probably other nice unicode, and one can write in Markdown, which is a lovely way to create #content
  • it IS pretty annoying that you have to commit a change every time you wanna make a formatting adjustment. But then, GitHub is hosting for free, which is a business model I don’t understand in the least, but is evidently working for them (or it’s not, as I hear they’re actually just slowly burning a huge pile of investor capital with no solid income but it’ll be nice while it lasts). Thanks GitHub for being here and supporting my quest to put more content on the internet.