Who cares who writes the content? If you agree with it, it is good. If you disagree, it is bad. If you have a more nuanced take, perhaps it is because there is another human being on the other end just trying to share some #spicy #hot #takes with the world.

And yet – we as a culture seem to care a great deal about who is saying what is being said. As if that somehow makes the content itself better or worse. Some artists (Banksy, Terence Mallick, Elena Farrante) have gone to some lengths to avoid having a public persona. I suppose that’s a statement in itself, but perhaps it is a testament to their shared belief that art has its own worth and power that is, or perhaps ought to be, separate from the viewer’s opinions or biases regarding the creator of said art. There are some artists who would seem to embrace the opposite view (—Kanye—), and instead prefer to make their public persona part of their performance – part of what will shape the viewer’s perception of their work, for better or worse.

I am not really sure to what extent these arguments extends to writing blogs on the Internet™.

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